To the boroughs...tipsy-like.
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Five boroughs, five drinks.

My boyfriend and I are both off tomorrow, and have decided to have a drink in every borough over the course of an afternoon. We've never been to Staten Island, and it's been ages since I've been in the Bronx.

We live in the north part of Park Slope, so we'll be starting in Brooklyn, probably at brunch. I'm thinking we'll go counter-clockwise, heading up to Queens next.

So, we need your recommendations! We'd like Brooklyn diner or weekday brunch options, various other bar suggestions near the train that are open in the afternoon and as distinctive as possible. A mix of high and low would be good. And we'll probably need a snack or a slice in Manhattan or Staten Island. If there's anywhere else near the bars you'd recommend checking out, we'd appreciate that, too.
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Cargo Cafe is walking distance to the ferry. Staten Island has some of the best pizza in all of NYC but it's more inland, and probably hard to get to without a car.
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I was going to suggest Cargo Cafe as well.

Queens. If you're mixology fans, Dutch Kills is the obvious choice. If beer is more your speed, maybe Bohemian Hall?

Bronx. Some dive on Arthur Ave?
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If you go with Dutch Kills, go take a peek at 5 Pointz while you're in the neighborhood. Or perhaps a screening at the Museum of the Moving Image?
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Sparrow in Astoria has an awesome one and is right across from the Beer Hall. Way less of a "bro" vibe.
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The Bruckner Bar and Grill at 3rd Ave and Bruckner Blvd is just a few blocks from the 3rd Ave-138th St. 6 train stop in the Bronx.
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I don't know how likely it is to get a lunch table at Peter Luger's, but if I had the day off, that where I would go.
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Tom's in Prospect Heights for Brooklyn brunch. It's iconic, hella tasty and there are lots of great Brooklyn bars nearby.
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Was just coming in here to suggest Dutch Kills for Queens, so I'll second Sara C.'s recommendation. Very close to subway. See if they'll make you a drink that's not listed on the menu called a "Karaoke Honeymoon." Frakkin' amazing.
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Tom's is great for brunch but has no alcohol and is closed by 5pm. The many great bars nearby typically don't open until happy hour-ish. Your better bet is someplace traditionally brunchy with a liquor license in Park Slope. If for some reason you're wild for Prospect Heights here are some ideas that are definitely feasible during the day and serve both food and alcohol:

Abigail Wine Bar on Classon and St. John (makes the best mimosa in the neighborhood, IMO)

Chavella's on Franklin and Sterling (good for cocktails, have a frozen margarita machine)

The Spot at Prospect and Grand (bottomless mimosas at brunch)

Dutch Boy/Franklin Park on Franklin between St. John and Lincoln (great beer selection, especially if the Franklin Park side of the business is open when you go)

Beast on Vanderbilt and... um... Dean, I think?

I'd also check out either Franny's or Flatbush Farm over on Flatbush Ave

The two best bars in the neighborhood, Washington Commons and The Way Station, don't serve food at all, alas.
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Sorry guys, but Cargo is closed. There are a few other bars in the neighborhood but none I was ever crazy about. You can take a short bus ride to Adobe Blues, where you'll find an incredible craft beer selection and amazing food.
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NB: Dutch Kills is great but opens at 5pm.
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