Free NYC Public WiFi In My Lifetime, Please
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Who are the people or groups that are most effectively lobbying for free public wifi in New York City?

Having one of those days where I'm incredibly fed up with the crazy rituals that people have to perform in order to use wifi in the wild. It seems crazy that we don't have it. Who out there should I be supporting, promoting, etc. to help this along?

And yes, I do have wifi at home, and I know the usual places to go if I want access, so no need for advice on these fronts. And I do understand that there is an entire telecom industry that's got a vested interest in keeping things as they are, but having traveled to several cities where it's a total non-issue has got me thinking about this more often.
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You should join NYC Wireless and follow the city's efforts (as detailed on their Tumblr) to bring wifi to public parks.
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What part of NYC do you live in? If your lucky enough to live in a cablevision area then cablevision offers optimumwifi for free in its area (these access points are also available to timewarner and comcast customers).
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Also Cablevision and att offer wifi in parks in manhattan also.
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