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Is there any cost involved with starting a Political Action Committee?

I'm thinking of starting my own PAC in order to document the experience and sort of see all the ins and outs of what is involved. What I don't want to do is spend money (other than incidental stuff like buying stamps) on it. I have no plans to raise any money, or use it for any real political purpose, it's more of a boredom/curiosity thing - hence the unwillingness to spend any money on this enterprise.

My question is specifically if there is any hidden (or not so hidden) cost involved - not if this is a good idea, potential things I should do, how to document it, etc.

If it matters, I live in Louisiana and do not own a business or am otherwise associated with a corporation.
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Best answer: The FEC has a handy little guide which should explain the basics of creating a Committee.
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This PAC from Reddit implies that it costs $1000 to register with the FEC.
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You're not quite reading that implication correctly-- it's free to register, but you're not considered a Political Committee even after registering until you've raised $1000 (by which time you are also legally required to have registered -- or at least within 10 days). You do have to register an official federal bank account, which may, depending on the account, cost money to create.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the reddit link, metaname. That may prove to be an interesting resource.
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Rules are different for federal PACs and state PACs. Filing fees for state PACs vary.
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