What should I use for an email signature?
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What should I use for an email signature? I'm a freelancer with a contract doing a research project for a media company. (It's for a community resource that will be publicly, freely available.) Part of that research is approaching various people and groups for information and opinions, and I don't know what to call myself that seems... credible.

I have an email address through the publication (ie: Ookseer@Publication.com) to give my requests an official air, but I have no idea what to put in the .sig. I don't have a title at the company and everything I come up with sounds like "some guy they hired". I've written a number of articles for the publication in the past, but this is an entirely different type of project.

When I get requests for interviews it's usually just "freelance reporter" but that's not really what I'm up to.
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Consultant to Publication
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I would go with:

Project Name
Media Company
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Best answer: Ookseer
555-555-1212 (if you want them to have your phone number.)
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Manager - Project Name
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Best answer: Less is more, here. As long as your email is coming from an @Publication.com address you should be fine.

If there is a standard signature used by other (permanent) @Publication.com reporters you could try to emulate that, too, but I think the source of the email is going to inspire more confidence than anything you'd put in the signature.
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