Single girl needs a roof in OKC
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Please help my daughter find summer housing in OKC!

So, my daughter has landed an internship with an evil energy company in downtown Oklahoma City. She will need to procure her own housing before she gets down there. We're in Indiana. This is where I turn to any OKC MeFites for assistance.

If anyone could point us in the direction of reasonable, safe housing for a single girl in OKC, we'd be greatly appreciative. Know a friendly landlord? If there are areas she absolutely should avoid, we'd appreciate getting clued-in to that, too. She'll need a place between mid-May through mid-August. An efficiency will do, though she would prefer a 1-bedroom. Furnished, if possible. We really aren't in a position to haul much stuff down there and back that doesn't fit in a couple of small cars.

She will have a car with her, so some safe parking is a must.

An internet connection would be huge. We'd like to heavily lean on Skype while she's down there. So would her fiance.

She's absolutely open to sub-leasing a student rental for the summer, if that's a possibility. Though, she prefer avoiding renting the kegger and puke house. That's definitely not her scene.

If her work location matters, she will be downtown, near the intersection of Robt. S. Kerr Ave and N. Broadway.

Any possibilities you can point us to will be greatly appreciated, as will any and all pointers/warnings/etc.!
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My fiancee has experience being a single female living in OKC (and earlier, off-campus in Norman, if you daughter is amenable to a commute). Memail incoming as soon as I can get some recommendations from her.
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I am an OKC transplant and been here four years. I know the city like the back of my hand...

The most important thing you left off is the budget.
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Response by poster: The most important thing you left off is the budget.

Well, obviously, she'd like to keep it as cheap as possible. She gets a $4000 moving bonus (after her first week at work) that she'd like to be able to use over the summer for both food and rent.
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OKC is a pretty pocketed city. Two streets will be good, four streets will be terrible. Once you live her, you forget about the shady aspects and just go about your normal daily business.

When my wife and I were having to make the move for her residency, it was terrible trying to find anything online about what to expect from neighborhoods.

I would stay away from Norman or Edmond. Keep the search in the NW quadrant of OKC and as close to Bricktown and Midtown as possible.

This is nearly a perfect location.

It is 2 minutes from her work.
It is on the border of the nicest historic neighborhoods in OKC.
It is fully furnished.

Send a memail if you have questions about anything you find on your own. I will answer all questions.. Internships are exciting times!
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Response by poster: I also neglected the obvious need for laundry (or nearby laundromat).
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You might want to make sure the rental has A/C included, it will be crazy hot during the summer.
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I went to school in Norman and grew up in Tulsa. Have family in Edmond and Moore. If I lived in OKC, I'd try to get close to Bricktown. Here's a helpful local guide.
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Ouhsc is part of OU, but located close to where your daughter will be working.
Oklahoma City University is another university not very far from downtown.

Both places might be able to refer you to safe student housing nearby. Warr Acres and Bethany are a easy drive from downtown also and the rent is reasonable. A student who did summer internship in my lab stayed in Bethany.

When you find something, I'll be willing to check it out for you and send actual pictures to you.
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Response by poster: I know this thread probably isn't being watched by anyone now, but...

Would anyone advise looking for sublets via Craigslist? Or is CL just a scam-haven now for such things?
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