Help finding specific large dachshund photo?
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Help me find a very specific picture from a modern decorating magazine!

I'm looking for a photo of a living room that was printed in the last 10 years in a widespread design/decorating magazine.

The Image in Question: a living room with a large (maybe 3' x 5') framed photograph of a brown/red dachshund on a white background hanging above a couch. The house was casual/laid back (not stuffy).

Type of magazine: contemporary/modern design, think Domino/Blueprint etc.

Does anyone remember this picture? If not, any ideas where might I search for this sort of thing? Google is not really helpful in this situation.
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Argh, I know that I've seen this! I feel like it was in a slideshow of decorating ideas, and that another of the ideas may have had something to do with large playing cards. I hope that helps!
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Oh, wait, I may have found some other pictures from the same issue of Blueprint, if it's the one I was thinking of.
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Ok, here's the dachshund picture! It's from Blueprint, Vol 1 2006.
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Hooray!!! Thanks everyone.
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