What are the best mini blogs?
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When I need a quick fix on the web, I inevitably find myself checking a small handful of feeds in my RSS reader. Mini blogs, link blogs, sidebar blogs -- call them what you will, they all share the same characteristics: plenty of links and not much commentary. Which mini blogs do you read on a regular basis?

I'm familiar with Waxy, Kottke, Little Yellow Diferent, Robot Wisdom, and a few others, but I know there must be plenty of these sites out there. RSS feeds are a plus, but not a dealbreaker. So what are your favorite quick-fix mini blogs?
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Warning: to say the least, I'm out of the MeFi mainstream in political views, and that will be reflected in most of my suggestions. Also, I'm not sure if many of these have feeds, but you said you don't care.

Self-pimping: I like the Hyperlinkopotamus on my own blog, in the sidebar. No xml feed there though, but now that you mention it, I'll put it on my to-do.

I also really like Patrick Ruffini's newsfeeds, you can find them in the sidebar. Also, I really love linkswarm. I couldn't see an obvious feed button, so put it in your RSS reader and hope it autodiscovers one. xthreats looks promising. The Brothers Judd's Quasi-Daily Bookmarks are nice. So are Chester's 100 latest links.
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His "Longboard" feed doesn't have article titles but Greg Storey's sideblog features a lot of good links.
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you read waxy right?
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and nevermind!
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Check out mathowie's daily links, which is just a dump of his del.icio.us bookmarks.

In my opinion, del.icio.us is the end-all be-all of miniblogs. Search for a few tags that interest you and subscribe to their RSS feeds. I check the C# and .NET feeds when things are a little slow at work, for instance.
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Are you turned on to Stumble! on Firefox? Click a toolbar icon and you're sent to a random site that falls within the subject parameters you set when you download this extension. If you're up for exploring uncharted waters, you'll like it. You have the option of ranking the site "I like it!" or "Not-for-me" to further refine the search process.

Also, I recently discovered linkfilter.net which has an eclectic variety of links I haven't seen elsewhere.

Not a link site, but for extra credit, another fun place to spend time is with the collected posts at Best of Craig's List. I would caution you to avoid it if you have delicate sensibilities. My sensibilities were corrupted long ago and hardly ever give me any trouble.
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I love cult news network.
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Boing Boing
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You could set up an 'inbox' on del.icio.us which compiles links from the del.icio.us feeds you specify. This would at least cover matt's links.. plus those of other proto-bloggers who are using del.icio.us.
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goldenfiddle is good for your pop culture fix. (although sometimes nsfw)
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Concrete and Clay for art, music, internet and urban culture. There's a feed available too.
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populicio.us -- delicio.us most popular links from the last 24-48h.

Now you don't have to read mefi anymore because you've seen all the links already.
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I follow nelson's linkblog (xml), airbag's longboard (xml), del.icio.us/popular (xml), the morning news headlines (xml), kottke's links (xml), waxy links (xml), digg (xml) and the fudge said no secondary links (xml) (full disclosure and whatnot: I contribute to tfsn links.)
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And just when I thought I was going to get some work done....
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