The Lost Informed Shopping Site
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CorporateCrime Filter: I remember a while ago I use to constantly reference a fairly objective "smart shopper" site that would list issues, good and bad with most of the big corporations.

It was something along the lines of smart shopper or something like that, and i remember I found it through some green/organic website (note, i do not promote organic food, in fact quite the opposite, this is just how i happened to find it).

It's killing me, my googlefu is not working, I've tried everything, even searching for old obscure forum posts where I mentioned it...I would recognise it instantly if anyone mentioned.

The layout was a white background with a blue sidebar I believe, pulldown menus relating to issues and stuff. Thanks all.
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I vaguely remember something like this from around 2000 or 2001... I can't remember the name of it, but the owner pulled the plug on it. I'm guessing he caved to a legal threat. The closest thing nowadays seems to be, which is a hodgepodge of complaints, though interesting.
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Response by poster: thanks for the site, but i remember visiting the site as early as last year, and back in 2003 as well.
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Could it have been (now extinct)
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Response by poster: fairly sure it had the word shopper in the name...i'd be open to alternative sites as well, dont get me wrong, im just primarily searching for this one.
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Response by poster: i love you. i loev you so much. i really do. i love you.

thank you!
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See also: Not as issue-oriented as ResponsibleShopper, but worthwhile if you're feeling blue. Ratings are based on political contributions, but they have a user-driven methodology "coming this summer".
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Sorry - make that
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Something similar to what you're looking for and highlighted recently on MeFi proper is
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