Summer 2012 travel suggestions in Northern Europe?
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Suggestions for must-attend events, festivals or activities in Northern Europe this summer, to add to my summer "dream" vacation itinerary?

I am taking the summer off work this year and will be attending Euro 2012 in Gdansk/Poznan (mid June), the Galway Races (end of July), and the London Olympics (early August). I am from Ireland but have lived in North America for more than a decade so spend limited time in Europe every year and am out of the loop in terms of happenings over yonder. I very much want to make the most of this trip. Budget is .....well, not unlimited but I have a decent amount of funds set aside for this.

Are there any other "must see" events, festivals, places, etc happening this summer or that happen annually and you can recommend, in or around the locations I am committed to? Northern Europe and UK/Ireland preferred but further south is doable. I have done the touristy stuff in much of Italy, France, Ireland, Netherlands in the past. I am in my early 30s, female, sports fan, music buff and wildlife lover but have pretty broad interests.
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If you'll be in Poznan in mid-June, this is on my bucket list of things to see: midsummer lantern release. I'm not sure if it is an annual event, or if that was a one-time thing.
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The Palio in Siena (July 2 and August 16), Italy is an incredible event—a bareback horse race around the town square. I'm guessing that might be too southern for you, but if you can make it, I highly, highly recommend.
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The Edinburgh Festivals are a chance to see some pretty amazing (or possibly utterly awful) stuff. Book early, accommodation can be a problem; contact me if I can help.

Knockengorroch festival is small, muddy and very good fun.

It sounds a bit early for you, but Beltane is spectacular.
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This thread has tons of suggestions.
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Do you know about Electric Picnic? I guess it's called a "boutique music festival", but it really is brilliant.

Failte abhaile.
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