Please help me bling myself up in gold
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I would like to buy two gold chains, one 20" to wear with a gold locket, and one 10" to wear with a gold swan charm as an ankle bracelet. I could also buy one 30" chain and have it cut in two. I'd like real 14k gold, not plate. I've been looking online, and some of the gold jewelry dealers strike me as sketchy. Has anyone bought gold jewelry successfully online for a reasonable price, and where did you do so?
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If you are looking for a good finished chain at a better than average price, you could try local pawn shops - jewelry resale value is nowhere near retail price, though gold holds its value better than other pieces.

Otherwise, Fire mountain gems offers competitive prices and has a good reputation.
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If you're up to attaching your own clasps, you could see the selection on the Supplies section of Etsy. Feedback should help you determine reliability of the sellers.
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