Google Reader: "You don't have permission to view this feed." Why not?
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Google Reader seems to be permanently displaying an error message when I first try to access my feeds. To recap the specifics of my problem, here's what caused it to come up in the first place, and what I've done to try and solve it. 1) Imported all of my feeds from another Reader account. 2) Attempted to access my new Reader account, which always results in the "You don't have permission to view this feed." error message. I can then click on "All Items" and access my feeds, but this extra step is really annoying (it's the internet, don't make me click twice ;). 3) Checked to see if the address is "https" and not "http". Yes, it's "https" 4) Tried deleting all of my feeds, starred items, etc, and then subscribing to a brand new one. The problem remains. Anyone know what might be causing this? Can I just delete this Reader account (w/o deleting my Gmail, GPlus, etc.) and start again? Also, yes, I asked this question on Google's forums months ago and haven't received any useful advice there. Probably because Google doesn't really care about its users. Oh, and this is on all browsers and all different computers.
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Can you add your feeds one at a time? It's probably a single one that's causing the problem.
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On second thought, you should also be able to just copy-paste the URLs of each feed into a regular browser address bar to determine which one is giving you the trouble. You can do this without deleting anything in Reader.
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you can try adding it to FeedRinse w/out any filters and add the resulting feed.
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Thanks to everyone for their replies. However, I did state that I've actually deleted_all_of my feeds, and I'm still having the problem.

I tried the feedrinse workaround, but that had no effect.

Don't know if it helps, but attempting to view the single feed I added back in on my iPhone GReader app gives this error message:

"The reading list of 11488389053808212407" has no unread items."
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