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Are there programs that fund recent graduates to study/word abroad? I know of Fullbright and Peace Corps, but what else?

I recently graduated from college and want to travel/live abroad without going into debt. I'd prefer to do something intellectually stimulating (I'm not physically that strong), but I'm not a specialist in anything (though my education was in the sciences), nor am I affiliated with a university. Both Fullbrights and Peace Corps grants are very competitive, and I was just wondering if there's anything else out there. I'm open to almost anything and anywhere that's not in a war.
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The old standby is go teach English somewhere. I'm sure other people have specific program recommendations, but I know a whole lot of people who've done that.
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For teaching English in Japan, the Jet Program is well-regarded. (And well-paid, given the strong yen lately.)
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Check out Volunteer International. Some programs offer airfare and room and board.

As brainmouse suggested, you can teach English abroad. I had some friends who taught English in Prague, Czech Republic. They made a living wage and had a lot of fun getting to know their students. The Czech Republic is more affordable than western Europe, and Prague is a fascinating and beautiful city. Plus it's in the middle of Europe!

This program does not give you any money, but I did the BUNAC program in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK and had a blast. Finding a job may be difficult though, and I definitely had less money after the program than I did before. I took enough out of my student loans to cover airfare and a month of living expenses before I left. If you go this route (which it doesn't sound like you will, but anyway) I'd recommend connecting with a club for an activity or sport right away. I made local friends (instead of hanging out with other Americans the whole time) and found both of my jobs through club members.

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of organizations that want to throw money at you for this kind of thing. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Right, should've mentioned that I realize that teaching English abroad is probably the most popular. That's certainly something I would consider. I was wondering if there are others, particularly ones like Fullbright that will fund a project, or grants that offer studying abroad, or program that will match you with a paid apprenticeship/job abroad.
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Speaking another language would be the best bet, as then programs to be English Language assistants in France (TAPIF) and Spain are open to you.

Something else to look into is leading middle and high school summer trips to other countries, though this does not guarantee that you get to spend a great deal of time beyond sight seeing.
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Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (I think it's six months at a university and six months of internship and it requires knowing German.)

The general place to look for academic-ish funding for Germany is DAAD.

A lot of these things are going to be country-specific, so you'll have to make a list of places you might want to go.
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Ah yes, DAAD! I speak German and Chinese, and would be willing to learning other languages or go somewhere that speaks English. I suppose there's no central place that provides information about these opportunities. I'm particularly interested in opportunities in China (or East Asia in general) and Europe, but am open to anywhere that is not a war zone! I suppose my skills include science research (and it'd be great to do something related), but it's difficult to find something when I'm not in grad school. I'd also be fine doing something totally random like Indonesian drumming, truffle hunting, helping build and make things, collecting water samples, translating, answering phones, etc (you get the idea) if such opportunities exist.
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I was able to work abroad for 6 months after graduating through CIEE, but that was a long time ago and I'm not sure they have that exact program anymore. They do seem to have opportunities for teaching English abroad. Check out the CIEE website
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Au pair work, perhaps?
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Rotary has historically funded some graduate study abroad, though that prOgran seems to be changing.
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Seconding purenitrous on the Rotary Ambassadorial fellowships and hoyland on the fact that quite a few of these opportunities are country-specific, so you might want to search from that angle.

You can also check out the IIE's Study Abroad Funding database, which (despite its name) is not just typical study abroad programs.
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