Looking for cool, non-film ways to print photographs.
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Looking for alternative, tangible photo-print media. Suggestions?

I've seen a variety of cool ways to print photos in the last couple of years (NOT counting using regular 'ol film techniques/darkroom and/or ink/laserjet).

They would include - laminates, on foamcore, on wood, on canvas, and recently on sheets of very thin metal (aluminum). What other methods are out there?

Thx mefiters!
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I haven't learned how to do it yet, but in my next class we're going to learn Wintergreen printing.

We're also going to learn how to use Liquid Light, which I purchased a while ago but haven't tried out yet. Supposedly it works on wood, fabric, and probably metal as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks Joan. I'm hoping to avoid using negatives as well, but that may not be possible.
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Photosynthesis photography is fascinating, and definitely something I want to play around with. An article on Binh Danh's work. And another article on the process.
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Were going to (somehow) just be using Xeroxed images for the wintergreen printing. There may be better tutorials out there...if I get any class handouts, I'll share!
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Maybe not quite what you're looking for, but you can always take photos and silkscreen them!

Convert your image to 8-bit grayscale in photoshop and print on clear acetate and exposure your screen! (I'm probably being a bit simplistic here--i haven't done this in a long time but there's loads of tutorials out there).
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