Why is the tip of my nose twitching and what is a remedy?
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Why is the tip of my nose twitching and what is a remedy?

My tip of my nose has been twitching intermitedly for the last few weeks. It feels like I have a rabbit's nose, though it is all internal. Sometimes I can feel my heartbeat at the tip of my nose. It has become frustrating so I am looking for a remedy and more information.

With all honestly, I have a habit of softly pushing the tip of my nose and raising my top lip to meet the underside of my nose. I know it sounds weird, but I enjoy the bodily smell of the oil. It is akin to when men have a beard and it naturally builds up particular bodily smell. Its a stress reliver for me. I'm being open here so I ask that you be thoughtful in this respect.

With that said, I am worried that the continued practice over the years has produced some nerve damage. Its probably not caused stress, as I do not have any heavy projects at work. Probably the least stressed I've ever been in my life.

Have any of you experienced this or similar facial twitches? Do you know of the keyword I can use to research more? How do you get rid of it, even if the remedy is temporary.

I've had trouble knowing how to research this. I've done quite a bit of googleing only to find bit and pieces.
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"benign fasciculations" or just "fasciculations" will get you some information.

From previous episodes of benign twitching, I recall that nose twitches are unlikely to result from any grave neurological disorder - so don't get hung up on the "fasciculations may be MS or ALS onset symptoms" stuff, those disorders tend to present with other kinds of twitching. Why they start is anyone's guess, of course, although I'd try to knock off the nose thing - I've noticed that my fingers sometimes twitch after unfamiliar and occasional movement (using chopsticks gave me twitches once!).

Folks talk about potassium and quinine to aid twitching. I never found that those things helped much, but you might try an extra banana and some of that tonic water with quinine. Mostly stop with the nose thing and wait a week or two...I've had facial twitches come and go over a couple of weeks before dying out.

For me stress is a big factor - worrying about the twitch itself actually tends to prolong it, as I learned from a lip twitch that began during a showing of Persepolis and didn't really go for a long time.
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Possibly a vitamin deficiency or fatigue. Take some multi-vitamins, drink plenty of water, and rest well. Another search term could be HFS (hemifacial spasm) which is commonly attributed to anxiety or stress.
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I am one of those people who can usually stop eye-twitches with potassium. I find sports drinks are more efficient, for this purpose, than bananas, but a banana will generally help within an hour or so.

You might also get some relief from gentle facial massage. Rub down from the bridge of your nose to the outside corners of your mouth, and from the bridge of your nose out towards your earlobes.
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Potassium cured the annoying, days-long twitches I used to get. I just started eating more foods high in potassium like dried fruit and avocados.
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