Need a static IP from my motorola ngv510 to run Smoke on Mac
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I need to setup a internal static IP for my computer at home where I'm running Autodesk Smoke on Mac. We currently have terrible wireless by AT&T running from a motorola ngv510 DSL modem/router. Please help? I tried "just figuring it out" and managed to kill the house's internet for over an hour tonight. Anyone have any experience with this?
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This link suggests that you don't need to set a static IP address, but can change a config file on the mac and restart instead.

Which is good, because static addresses are a headache.
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To be specific, he's talking about this:

1. Type the following command:
sudo nano /usr/discreet/sw/cfg/sw_framestore_map
2. Enter your password.
3. The file opens in a basic text editor.
4. Use the arrow keys to go to the HADDR parameter and change the value to localhost.
5. Press Control-O to save the file, and then press Y to confirm.
6. Press Control-X to exit the text editor.
7. Reboot your Mac.

That basically tells the program to look on the local computer instead of somewhere on the network for that resource.
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This parameter is already set to local host on my machine.
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