Need help fixing my gutters
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Seattle's snowpocalypse killed my gutters!

I have a two story home with a metal roof and metal gutters that were installed less than two years ago. When the snow slid off the upper and lower roofs the weight twisted the lower gutter and pulled most of it free from the building. The damage is not covered by the warranty, and I would prefer not to use that company again. I live in Seattle's Eastside and would like help finding someone to fix the damage or install a new gutter.
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The roof and gutters are supposed to be aligned so that snow won't do that. The gutter should be a little lower than the plane of the roof. So you probably have some kind of claim against the installer.
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Maybe not helpful and slightly off-topic: I know Seattle doesn't get much snow but a metal roof without some sort of snow stop can mangle even the best gutters. Snow slides are prevented by a metal bar across the roof or small metal tabs. I know this doesn't help you but it might prevent future gutter damage. Also check the gutter to make sure that there were enough braces installed and attached. Sometimes, people cut corners knowing you can't see it from the ground.
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