Where is this bass???
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How can I find a Pink Mark Hoppus Signature Fender Bass?

They're discontinued, but I'm willing to pay more for that. I can't find one anywhere, but I'm am asking to see if there's somewhere that sells basses that I don't know about, or a place where lots of out of production instruments are usually sold, or some other thing I'm not even thinking of . Any help or advice you could give me in locating one of these would be greatly appreciated.
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Sorry, scratch that - you wanted pink. Buy one of those and have it painted by a professional.
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Where's "anywhere" ? Since you haven't mentioned where you've already looked, you may have already tried these:

google "pink mark hoppus bass craigslist"

talkbass forums
gearslutz forums
harmonycentral forums

All the forums above have "classified" sections where people post stuff for sale or want to buy.

mattoxic's suggestion about getting it refinished might be your best bet, though, as a quick Google search suggests that pink was a pretty limited run and discontinued almost a decade ago. It also suggests that non-pink basses are selling used for about $350 - $450, so your total cost to buy used & refinish it might not be too bad.
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Response by poster: Can paint be painted over other pre-existing paint, or does the wood need to be stripped back down to just wood?
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Best answer: I think you should ask an expert (in person) on this one.

Anecdata: the Fender page on this bass says it's finished in polyurethane. Many many years ago I took a stab at stripping & refinishing an 80's Japanese Tele (probably a similar finish), and HOLY COW it was a lot of work. I mean weeks of smearing horrible toxic chemicals on the thing, scraping a little bit off, repeat repeat repeat, hours & hours of hand sanding. If I'd had a power sander it might have been faster, but then I would have been in danger of sanding TOO deep.

Cruising through various forums suggests my experience was not unique - those finishes are TOUGH.

So I think it would be a lot less labor-intensive (& cheaper) if it didn't have to go all the way down to the wood. The question is what kind of base coat & how many layers are needed to get the right color pink without making the bass too coated in finish. Beats the heck out of me.

Another idea is that you could look into some version of building your own. The Hoppus seems to be a Jazz Bass shape with a Seymour Duncan P-Bass pickup in it (specs here.)

Warmoth, AllParts, and USA Custom Guitars all sell bodies, necks, hardware & pickups. You could get an unfinished Jazz body routed for that pickup and have it finished locally, or maybe one of the above companies can finish it in the correct color. Then you can strip the neck & hardware off another Hoppus & re-install on your new body, or just buy all new parts, or some combination thereof.
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