Another search for a lost childhood movie
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I am trying to find a movie that I saw as a child.

This movie:
1. Was animated
2. Was really scary but I don't really remember what it was about
3. I seem to recall that it had some bloody, frothy animal characters, perhaps in a cave
4. There may have been a unicorn
5. Was not Watership Down, Unico, the Last Unicorn, or the Secret of nimh
6. There may have been some vaguely end of the world element similar to the never ending story or something like that with an abyss.
7. This movie probably came out in the 1980s. I'm reasonably sure it was an American movie.

This movie has been haunting me for decades -- does anyone know what this movie was? Did I dream it?
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The Last Unicorn, 1982

Wizards 1977
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The Black Caldron
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two easily confused possibilities -
Black Cauldron
Dark Crystal
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Fire and Ice
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You can always online search for animated films that came out during the period your thinking of. Might get you closer?
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Possibly The Plague Dogs?

Scared the hell out of me as a child, for sure. Very dark film. It was done by the same folks who created the Watership Down film (and the book was written by the same author).
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Not animated, but maybe The Neverending Story?
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I'll throw out the random non-American movie I just happened to watch last night:
The Sea Prince and the Fire Child.

There's an abyss like vortex of spinning bloody-red water. There's a little fish boy with a unicorn horn. There's a number of times that the movie could be rather intense for a kid (and frankly, some of the emotional elements that are only sad are rather fucked up, compared to other kid movies).

This was released in 1981 in Japan and in 1982 in the U.S.
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I was coming to suggest Sea Prince as well, only because you mentioned Unico, and past experience has shown me that a lot of people get the two mixed up.
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The Hobbit?
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Whoops, forgot a link to a clip -- I watched this so many times as a youngin', and there were a lot of parts that were pretty scary to little kids.
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For the blood factor I'm thinking that it may have been "Wizards" too...
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Best answer: If you don't get an answer here, try asking over at Kindertrauma.
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Could it have been the animated Lord of the Rings? The wringwraiths in that version I remember giving me some serious willies as a kid. No unicorns, but undead horses and it came out in '78.
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Response by poster: Based on the clips I've watched from these, I don't really think any of them are the answer, but I'll try to track down the whole movies and try them out. At least I have some new interesting things to watch, I'll let you know if any of them turn out to be right.
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Response by poster: Kindertrauma sounds like a good bet though!
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