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It may sound silly but I am desperately looking for DVD's of a kids show called Catscratch. I emailed the network and haven't heard back. I can't find them for purchase, and they aren't available for downloading. Any thoughts or ideas?
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You probably already found these but I think the only ones out there (legally) are the episodes on these DVD's:

Other than that, I think you won't find much. I have some friends working at the studio and I believe that most of the episodes are buried. I hope you have more luck than I did!
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Ick, forgot to link: Here
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There's also an episode on Nick Picks vol. 5 called "Love Cats."
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Here's an episode on youtube. This user has a bunch of them uploaded -- not sure if it's just clips or the full episode. Apparently they used to all be available at Megaupload but we all heard about that...
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