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Cheap clothing in Sydney?

I'm in Sydney for two weeks and only bought one pair of shorts. What's the appropriate Australian equivalent of Old Navy / H&M where I can grab some more? High quality is not required. Proximity to Pyrmont is a plus.
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Jay Jays or Jeanswest are probably your best bet - head up to the Broadway shopping centre if all else fails there's a Target and a Kmart there where you can always get cheap serviceable clothes.
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If you only need these clothes for two weeks, you definitely want Target or Kmart. Broadway is the closest location to Pyrmont. In my experience, Target in Australia has clothing of better quality than Walmart etc in Canada. Not amazing, but quite good enough for the money.

I feel like maybe there is an H&M now in the Pitt St Mall? But I'm not sure about that, and if it's there I don't know if its prices would be the same as in other countries.
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If you go to the surf shops in the CBD you could get a brand name pair or two (like Mambo, Quicksilver maybe?) that would also work as a souvenir...
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Cotton On has a location in Broadway shopping centre, and its pretty cheap for shorts.
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Response by poster: Thanks SydneyFilter. After trying all those stores and being stunned by their prices, I was surprised to find some decent clothes at the Broadway Target, and at a price I didn't find outrageous. Rock on.
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After trying all those stores and being stunned by their prices
Yep, that'll certainly happen if you're used to Old Navy prices! Welcome to Australia!
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You can get old navy stuff in Paddy's markets in Chinatown (from a stall that apparently got a container of old navy surplus). They are located quite near the escalators at the main entrance. Above Paddy's in the Market City shopping centre there are a bunch of clearance stores selling fairly inexpensive brand name fashion. The clearance store for Esprit has a good range and prices, Cotton On and General Pants also have cheaper stuff in their clearance stores suitable for younger peeps.
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