What's good like Basecamp with clients?
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What other cool SaaS PM tools do a good job involving external clients without showing them too much or confusing them? I can only think of Basecamp.

Not cool: SharePoint, IBM, poor design, enterprise-style pricing.

Cool: good design, standard monthly pricing, good on mobile, fast, etc.
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Trello has a different yet pretty basic and powerful UI. Made by the Fog Creek people.
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Litmus - previews emails in every email client under the sun (even Lotus Notes 4!), tests the email against the most common spam filters, and then gives you a drop in piece of HTML code that will give you in-depth analytics of the email. Also it will screenshot a webpage for you in every single browser / platform.
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Trello's permissions don't get more granular than board level and it isn't client-friendly (it's hardly employee-friendly, I learned.) I love my gigantic Trello lists but it isn't really suitable for this. Litmus is not a PM app at all. PM means things like Basecamp, Asana, Flow, Trello, etc.
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Trello is really a virtual agile development board tool, less a real "Project management" tool, IMHO.

Things I've used that are not basecamp:

ZoHo - probably of anything one I prefer most after basecamp
Assembla - I don't remember loving this or hating it.

We used one other one that was open source, but I cannot remember its name so it must have been awesome. Wikipedia has a list.
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I recommend Clarizen -- it's awesome. Super flexible, looks nice, allows use of templates and has all the advanced features you could want.

Not a fan of Basecamp (what's the point of PM software without deadlines?).

CentralDesktop works too -- it's simpler than the other two.
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So far I can't find anything closer to what I want than Apollo. Clarizen and CentralDesktop's pricing is pretty nuts.

I've spoken with the Asana folks and client views are on their way, so that's good. Also, BasecampNext is coming out and could solve my main problem which is that it's dated and hard to work with in a couple ways. We'll see. Thanks all.
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Follow-up: I'm now using the new, redesigned Basecamp for everything. It is nearly a perfect solution to the issues I was having with the old Basecamp. Plus, its pricing is really sensible.
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