I'm looking for a cheap, fun, and tropical vacation destination.
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VacationFilter - I'm looking for an affordable, fun, and tropical vacation destination. Current location: Europe.

1. My gf and I are living in Amsterdam, Holland. Before we return home to Canada we'd like to spend a month exploring a "tropical paradise".

Our budget is limited to 2000-3000 Euros for the two of us. This must cover the plane tickets, food, lodgings, and activities. We'll be backpacking and enjoy hostels.

Estimated time-frame: Sept 10 - Oct 10.

2. Any recommendations for good travel agencies in Amsterdam?
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Best answer: If you want a tropical paradise, it's really hard to beat Bali. Flights from Europe to Singapore are pretty cheap, from Singapore to Bali is a short(ish) hop. Once you are there your money goes a very long way, far enough to consider exploring Lombok or Java as well. There's some nastiness over visas between Indonesia and Holland but I am guessing that won't affect you, check first. Yes, it's the Aussie Costa Brava, but it's not hard to escape the tourist tack.

Sri Lanka also gets great reviews and would very much like some visitors .. please. Peace, of a kind, seems to be in place, friends from the Island say that it truly is paradise.

Both islands are large enough to keep you busy for a month and have their own cultural and religious (hindu(ish) and buddhist) traditions, so both will be fun.

You might look at Cuba, it has got everything that you want, unfortunately it is also a rather unpleasant police state and I don't think your backpacking approach will appeal to the authorities. Shame though, since it's on your way home (and so full of Canadians you'll think you are already there).
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