Does TVP come in different colours?
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Why is my TVP dark?

I bought some TVP the other day from the Chinese grocery. It is identified as "thick" TVP and comes as large slices/flakes rather than as a crumble.

It didn't strike me until later that is is much darker than usual TVP. Instead of the usual beige/golden brown colour, it is a dark brown, almost as if it were soaked in soy sauce.

The packaging doesn't seem to indicate that it is flavoured in anyway, but I can't think of any other reason why it would be darker than usual. Any ideas?
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Best answer: I'm not sure what chemical or manufacturing process would actually cause TVP to be light or dark but I can confirm that it does in fact come in light and dark (and medium) shades and my best guess for this is aesthetics. If you're using it for a dish that would use a white meat such as chicken, then you use the lighter TVP. If it's for a dish with red meat such as mince, like tacos or a spag bog, then you'd use the darker TVP.

I've tried both kinds in all sorts of recipes and it might be a placebo effect, but I do believe the darker TVP has a stronger, slightly nuttier flavour.
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