Veggie Minced Lamb?
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[vegetarian-filter] What are some good fake-meat crumbles that don't taste like beef?

I grew up eating chicken, fish, and mutton, but not beef and pork. I became vegetarian a few years back. I've recently started craving some of the minced mutton dishes I used to eat as a kid, and have tried making them with packaged soy crumbles, but I think they're engineered to taste like beef, and the texture/taste puts me off. Are there any fake minced meat products I can get in the US that resemble mutton or chicken?
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You can get dry TVP (textured vegetable protein, or isolated soy protein) and hydrate it with whatever broth or stock you like. It's also a totally lean, complete protein and cheap.
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TVP would probably work. You'll have to season it yourself, in order to get the mutton flavour, as it is relatively flavourless on its own, but at least it won't end up tasting like beef.

You might also be able to get the right texture and flavour with seitan. I don't have a particular recipe to recommend, but I know that one of the vegetarian restaurants where I live uses seitan for their curry mutton dish (most of their other dishes use tempeh or TVP). I've had good results using minced seitan in shephard's pie, so I suspect that it will give you the mutton-y taste and texture you're looking for, as long as you prepare it correctly.
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I was going to recommend TVP. It has a texture very similar to ground meat, but virtually no taste. It is very inexpensive too, which is a bonus!
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You can get chicken flavored Quorn some places.
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I totally love the yves veggie ground chicken - it's way better than the beef flavour
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I prefer tempeh when I need something crumbly. It's not as processed and will take on whatever flavor you want to give it. I use it in many recipes that call for meat, most recently for enchiladas.
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If you freeze and then thaw tofu, it'll have a different, chewier texture. I like to use it in spaghetti sauce, and the bonus is that you can season it according to your tastes.
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i think the fresh tofu you can get at the asian market has the best texture and takes on any flavor you give it very well. ill never buy packaged tofu again
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Quorn tastes like chicken to me -- or at least has the texture of chicken. Quorn Grounds is "beef-style" only in appearance, to my mind -- I don't get a beef flavor from it at all.
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Soy Curls are deliciously chicken-like, though you'd have to mince them yourself. They are also made of only soybeans (cooked, machine-processed and dried), so they don't have any weird ingredients.
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