incorporating a multinational non-profit
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Advice on creating a multi-national non-profit organization?

Hey, we're building a non-profit structure in order to be able to take donations and apply for grants more seamlessly for some education work being done in Kenya. (The basic idea, in case you care, is here.)

The people doing the work are scattered around the UK, US, and Kenya. We're interested in incorporating in the UK and US. I know a bit about non-profit incorporation in the US... And basically I'm just looking for advice or special considerations that should be noted when incorporating in multiple countries. Is one country considered primary, with special processes in the other countries to streamline things? Or do we really maintain separate sets of bylaws, etc, in each country which reflect our single structure? Is there an awesome set of resources out there for learning more about what we're trying to do? ('multinational non-profiteering for dummies,' or something along those lines?)

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Sounds like you could use a half hour with a nonprofit lawyer.
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Miko is right. We are in two countries, with donations through a foundation in a third. It's complicated in each country, and adds more paperwork. You may be able to get pro-bono legal advice, but this is something where paying for competent advice is well worth it.
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