Be my Tim Gunn?
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I'm clueless when it comes to fancy fashion. How should I accessorize my wedding dress?

I don't know what sort of jewelry to wear, or how to do my hair. Or shoes? I have to wear shoes right? I'm not fashion-inclined myself, but I want to look pretty and timelessly modern and not too made up but still made up and effortless with just a little bit of effort.

The dress itself is so outside anything that I've ever owned before that I'm not sure how to style the rest of everything.

We are planning an outdoor ceremony in Las Vegas, erring on the casual side of things.

If it matters, and it probably matters- I have brown hair, brown eyes, black-rimmed glasses(do people who wear glasses wear them on their wedding day, usually?), and I'm pretty chunky.

My budget is slim, but I'm willing to splurge if it's an item I can use more than this one day.
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Ooo, what a pretty dress. I'd probably wear my hear in loose curls and wear some cloth sandals (something like this:
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I would do nothing around the neck at all, with all the pretty ruffles up there, and one statement item (shoes, or bracelet, or earings, or headpiece). Add other simple ones as you see fit.

For example, something like this in your hair might be fun - maybe with a color that is somewhere else in your wedding? - IF that kind of thing would be comfortable for you.

Maybe some dangly earrings.

You should wear something on your feet - but simple flat sandals with polished toes would be fine if you don't like giant heels. Wedges are slightly more casual and comfy, so that might be a good way to go. Again, you could go with the color of your dress, a nude, or something bright and fun that matches some other part of your wedding colors (flowers maybe?).

Wear your glasses if you need them to see. I wore contacts at my wedding and I think the pictures look kind of funny - I had worn contacts on and off for years, but that was the last time I ever did.

Beautiful dress. Congratulations :)
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Oh, I think your dress is beautiful and unique!

I think if you got wedged espadrille sandals, they would look quite lovely with the cotton dress - and could be re-worn in many other situations. Something like these perhaps? Espadrilles have many heights and designs, so you could pick the style you are most comfortable with.

The frills on the dress really remind me of flamenco style. I'm not sure how long your hair is, but would a style like this or this or this interest you?

And because the dress is so interesting, I like the jewelry style of the last picture above - some pretty stud earrings and no or simple pendant necklace would work lovely. OR, if you like funkier colors, maybe check out some fun costume jewelry at Claire's in the mall in various colors to create a contrast to complement the lovely simple dress color.

Congratulations on your wedding!
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I love your dress! Watch the version of Much Ado About Nothing with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh. (And, hilariously, Keanu Reeves.) The women all wear beautiful wrinkly cotton dresses with messy curls and white ballerina flats. Flowers in your hair, too. There are lots of clips on YouTube if you haven't seen it.
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Oh, that's a darling dress.

And since it's cotton, it's also saying "boho" to me, and that tends towards simpler, "homespun" kind of things -- only a couple pieces of jewelry, simple hair, flowers. Think "hippie wedding in the middle of Woodstock".
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I would go with the unstructured natural vibe of the dress.

I showed my husband your dress and he said "You know what goes with that dress? A bouquet of daisies." I agree.

Your flowers, hair, shoes, jewelry, and makeup should be natural and simple. Keep the glasses if they are you. I suggest you look as "you" as possible on your wedding day. My dress, hair, and makeup was not "me" and it is a regret. I like your dress but if this dress is not "you" I would highly suggest to buy another dress that is.

Wear your makeup as you usually do. If you are accustomed to wearing heavy eye makeup I would skip it because it does not go with this dress. This dress looks like something Keira Knightley would wear in a meadow (no sarcasm intended, I think it is lovely) so as Maisie suggested where your hair natural and a bit undone. A loose side bun with a few white flowers would be lovely.

I envision no necklace because the neckline is busy. I would choose a delicate earring -- something antique-y or pearls. For the shoes, they can't be clunky, leathery and casual, nor can they be sparkly or glamorous. Like Maisie, I was also thinking of sandals. I like the vibe of the sandals she linked. If you don't want sandals I think a low heeled slingback or even Mary Jane in fabric would be lovely.
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I'd recommend Michael Michaud jewelry. Cheap enough to buy for a single occasion, hypoallergenic and all kinds of wonderful. And/or flowers in your hair.
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Pretty! I'm obsessed with gold lately -- I'm brown-eyed and brown-haired too and I never noticed how flattering gold could be -- so maybe some sandals like this. And simple, pretty earrings like these gold and beach glass ones. If not earrings, maybe a jade or turquoise pendant for color.
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Congratulations! You have a beautiful dress and I'm sure your wedding is going to be absolutely wonderful. Don't get too hung up on what Tim Gunn would say. It matters most how you feel on your day. Your husband will think you look amazing if you wear a trash bag. After the event, no one is going to be talking about your shoes or earrings. I mean that in a good way. Promise!

I know you're looking for help but I would encourage you to listen to the voice in the back of your head. For example, I knew when I got hitched that I needed to have my hair up. Period. It was a late summer/early fall wedding, I knew it would be warm and I knew if my hair was down, I would be a sweat monster immediately.

If you want to wear your glasses, feel free, especially if they're "you." A friend of mine wears glasses all the time (though full disclosure, I don't think she did at her wedding) and when she got married, the little bride on the cake had glasses. It was adorable.

I would stay away from necklaces with this dress just because the neckline is so pretty but that means you can wear really pretty pair of earrings, though you can't go wrong with a pair of pearls. Do you have wedding colors? You could wear simple studs to go with your wedding colors. I would also pull your hair up to show off the neckline of the dress and your shoulders but that's totally up to you.

As for shoes, no one will be looking at them so wear whatever you want within reason. Can you walk in heels? Would you feel beautiful in them or would you feel like you are clomping around? If you can do some height with a heel or a wedge, I would do it so you feel less chunky but only if you can do it semi-comfortably. Go for something that's a nude or neutral shade if you're not going for a statement shoe. Best wishes!
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I would go with a gold choker or pearls, with matching earrings.
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The dress is lovely, and I would go with some pretty, simple earrings like other posters have suggested, and a simple flower hairpiece. Sandals are a good choice; get a nice pedicure and manicure for the big day. Stay away from high heels unless you are comfortable in them.

I would not wear the glasses for pictures, even if you wear them most of the time. I am glad I took mine off for my wedding pictures, even though I used to wear them all the time, especially looking at some other photos when I was young made utterly gross and dated by the ugly glasses that were stylish at the time. If you do not normally wear a lot of makeup don't let anyone talk you into it for your wedding, but you might get some tips from a friend who is more makeup savvy, and experiment beforehand to get a look you like.

Have a beautiful and memorable day!
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This may be irrelevant, depending what your hair is like, but: if I were wearing that (fabulously charming) dress, I would want at least the side of my hair that's near the ruffles to be pinned up or back so it wouldn't be getting tangled up in the ruffles. That could be annoying.
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No necklace, pearl bracelet, ballet flats, and of course, one of these.
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I know how I would do it (pearl bracelet and flowers in my hair) but you are you.

You don't have to do anything. Want to be barefoot? Be barefoot. Want to wear a bright orange sweatband? If it's you, go right ahead.

Having just done the "wedding thing," one thing I took away was that it really is your day and, as long as you're not actively rude or inhospitable, people will roll with it. My wedding had no music or dancing, no photographer, and no booze other than a glass or two of champagne at the brunch that followed. It violated the three cardinal rules of weddings! And yet people still managed to enjoy themselves (or at least they say they did). My husband and I would not have had it any other way. We were true to ourselves, minimally stressed out-- the thought of a first dance gave him hives, so we did away with it-- and, at the end, very much married.

Congratulations, and enjoy your day (and your beautiful dress!)
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Lovely dress, congratulations!

Nothing on the neck - it's busy as it is, so keep earrings delicate; small pearl drops or something like that. Can you get your hair up to add volume to balance out the volume of the top of the dress, and put flowers in it? Or at least back, and flower behind the ear.
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Pearl stud earrings. No necklace, maybe a delicate bracelet. Hair up in a loose updo. If you don't have a veil, a little fascinator or feathered clip would be adorable. Wear your glasses. Keep the makeup natural, but a little less natural than usual because you'll need a little oomph for pictures. More makeup on your eyes than usual, so they don't get lost behind your frames. Ballet flats or flat sandals in silver or gold (whatever suits you better).

Bouquet should be simple--I had a dozen mixed bright tulips for mine. Gerbera daisies would be good too.

Your dress is lovely.

The most important accessory is your smile (I know, sounds cheesy, but true) so don't sweat the rest. Get stuff you like.
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If you wear your glasses and don't have a professional photographer, whoever is taking photos might want to read this or similar articles on avoiding glare:
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