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Is there a website like Kayak, but with the option to filter by the airline that operates the flight (i.e. to exclude codeshares)? Or is it possible to do this on Kayak? I have some United credit to spend, and it's proving non-trivial because I can't spend it on flights operated by Continental et al.
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Try a search on Once you get your results, you can filter by airline. It doesn't say anything specifically about codeshares, but it might help.
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Well, in fact, once you select United and hide the rest, just look at the ones at the top with no asterisk, those are non-codeshares.
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Response by poster: I understand that I can visually filter out the results myself, but I'm doing a lot of different searches, and 95% of the results being unusable is making a difficult process extremely tedious. Hipmunk also includes Continental results when I tick United, but it is visually a lot clearer than kayak for these purposes.
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Best answer: ITA Software's Matrix Airfare Search can do this. Click "Advanced routing codes" and add "UA1-999,UA3000-3999,UA6000-6999+" as a routing code for each leg of your trip. I might have missed some possible flight number ranges. Look them all up on United's Timetable for the journey you're making. Unfortunately using the operating code "O:UA+" might not get what you want, since it allows flights operated by United but marketed by Continental.
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Kayak now has the option to hide duplicate codeshares. I swear it just showed up though, and it still doesn't do exactly what you want. I agree it would be lovely to do a search for flights operated by a specific airline with Kayak's setup (which I'm used to).
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