Book review podcasts?
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What are some good book review podcasts?

I've been enjoying "Books on the Nightstand" podcast and would like some in the similar vein. Two people chatting about books. I have tried NY Times one and the NPR book one and find them annoying. I guess I am looking for more "amateur" podcasts. Where you can tell it is two friends just chatting about books.
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The science fiction book review podcast can be quite good, if you like science fiction. It's produced by a professional juggler, which is obviously relevant. On the other hand, it's just the one juggler talking about whatever he's read most recently, so as informal as it is, it's numerically less than two people chatting about books.
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I'm only one person rather than two, but I run a pretty good [1] book review podcast every week. I'm not sure what the guidelines are regarding self-promoting one's own blog or podcast here in the Green, so I'll just say that the link to the podcast blog is in my profile and let you stumble upon it. As it were.

Hint-hint, nudge-nudge.

That said, if blatant self-promotion is kosher, then I'll put a proper link in a later comment.


[1] There's a chance I could be biased.
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I'm not sure how flexible you are to book chatter whereby one party is a passionate reader and the other party is the author, but my own ongoing effort at this, The Bat Segundo Show, has remained staunchly independent and reasonably exuberant for many years. There are presently 429 shows featuring conversations from everyone ranging to John Updike to China Mieville to Weird Al Yankovic to Susan Orlean to Adrian Tomine to Octavia Butler to Ian Rankin (and many authors that some people have not heard of). I never talk to anybody I'm not interested in. I always read the books in full (even if they are 900 page books) and often many more besides. And I do fiction, nonfiction, literary, genre, whatever. But like my good colleague MShades, yes, there's a chance I could be biased.
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Also, more directly answering your question, this new podcast Unspoiled is a duo with with a cute gimmick whereby one person has read the book and one has not.
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Thanks for the shoutout, ed! I'm from Unspoiled, we just officially opened the podcast today and we're going to be posting chapter-by-chapter reviews every morning M-F. So we're not a book review podcast that does a new book each episode; instead we go through the book as if we were in a book club, discussing the main points, cracking some (bad) jokes, and making predictions about what we think is coming.

Anyways, I saw some traffic coming from here and was grateful for the mention, since we're just starting out and would really like to create a community where we can talk about these books (we will also be doing TV shows, episode by episode, between books). Right now we're on Game of Thrones, and we've already recorded enough podcasts for the next 2 weeks, so we're in it to win it.
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