Does Ben Sherman make quality shoes?
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I'm thinking about buying a pair of Ben Sherman Manchester boots on super sale from JackThreads, but I'm concerned they'll just be another pair of cheap Chinese-made shoes and a waste of a hundred bucks. Anybody have experience with recently made Ben Sherman shoes in general or this model specifically? Alternatively, if you have good experiences with black, mid-calf (10-12 eyelet) boots, I'd like to hear those, too.
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I don't have an answer, but to help you with your searching, those are in the style of jump boots.
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I don't know about those boots specifically but went through this same search when it finally came time to replace my Docs (which are now made in China).

Two brands of Jump Boots made in the USA are Corcoran (the real deal, what soldiers wear (the ones I bought)) and Vintage (expensive and beautiful (I bought a different style and they are my favorite favorite boots)). Here's a link to a page with both:
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And by link, I mean link
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If you're interested in real-deal military boots, here are some black, made-in-usa, military boots*. Danner brand is considered, basically, top of the line. Altama and Belleville are also well regarded brands.

*Full disclosure - This is one of my employer's sites.
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These are not quite the same style because they have a moc toe, but I love the Quoddy Maine Woodsman, which is a 10 eyelet. They are sewn by hand in the USA in Maine and the construction is impeccable. They will last a lifetime and can always been resoled or repaired as they wear.
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I purchased a pair of those boots about two months ago; aside from some fiddling to get the tongues to lie flat, they're marvelous. Of course I can't speak to their longevity, but they feel well-constructed so far.
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Never worn Shermans, but I'll vouch for Danners being some fine-ass footwear. And they're made in the USA!
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My general rule is to only buy shoes from a company whose main line of business is making shoes. It's a pretty safe presumption that their shoes are contracted out to a Chinese factory... and even if you are going to buy shoes that are Chinese-made, it's a safer bet to buy them from a company whose brand-identity depends on the quality of their shoes.

(and I say this as someone who likes Ben Sherman's clothes)
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