Remember an early 2000s blog called Greybox or Greysquare?
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Helping help a friend find an old blog. Here are the details she remembers: A guy. Blogging around 2000 - 2001. Posts were often confessional, inimate accounts of his torturous relationship with his girlfriend, who had some sort of eating disorder. He lived in San Francisco much of this time, but eventually moved to (possibly) NYC. The blog may have been called the Grey Square or the Grey Box. Not much to go on, but maybe it will ring a bell with someone?
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I remember this blog. I think the guy's name might've been Billy, but I'm sorry I can't remember any other details right now.
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Bobby Burgess? He used to be on diaryland with the username perceptions.
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Yeah, I was thinking of Bobby Burgess too.
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Definitely Bobby Burgess, aka He lived in Maryland, but made frequent trips to the NYC area to do things like write on girls' stomachs. Eventually, he moved to SF to live with his girlfriend, who was bulimic and suffered from some form of orthorexia. Then he pretty much disappeared.

I have no idea why I know all of this.
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Oh, and his diarland diary had the header "a grey box with words inside." Which is precisely what it was.
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Thanks! Once again, Metafilter blows my mind.
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