It is just one of your holiday games.
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I have a newish cat. He seems to be pretty permanent, so now he needs a name. At the shelter his name was Perry, or maybe Terry. I don't like either name. Photos and details inside.

I already have Matilda (10), a cat who hates all other cats and most people, and Conrad (5), a cat who adores Matilda and hates every human in the world except me. I adopted Perry/Terry (7?) in order to give Conrad somecat else to lavish his affection on. This has mostly worked: Conrad and Perry/Terry get along well, especially post catnip, Matilda doesn't mind Perry/Terry, and Conrad chases Matilda much less often. Perry/Terry loves everyone and also laundry and hangs out during parties.

P/T is a very large, very fluffy cat. He forgives me when I wash him. He likes bathtubs. He sleeps on/takes over my bed. He has some kind of weird lip problem.

I only want people names that can be shortened. Matilda gets Til, usually; Conrad gets Stupid Jerkface. But so it goes: I could call him Connie, or Raddie, and sometimes do. On those rare occasions he is not being a jerkface.

(I am hoping that the quantity of cat photos makes up for the fact that they're low quality.)
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Sir Terry Pratchet
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He looks like a Hans to me. But that does not shorten. So perhaps Hansel.
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He looks just like my Lumis, a Maine Coon. How about Jackson? Jack for short. Or Abraham/Abe.
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Response by poster: For what it's worth, Matilda is named after the Roald Dahl book, and Conrad after the newspaper magnate, as he was adopted the day of the guilty verdict. When I am formal, I call him Lord Blackcat.
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A handsome man like that needs a delicate, dignified name like Alexander or Julian.
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If you're a fan of Sir Terry's books, name him after one of the Discworld characters. Perhaps Mortimer or Carrot. Or even Visit-The-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets.
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Charlie, to go with Matilda.
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So cute! I am jealous, I wish I had a cat. I like Sir Terry Pratchett as was suggested above.
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It is just one of your holiday games, you say?

Well, the answer depends on what you're quoting. He's surely either Thomas Stearns "T. S." Eliot... or Sir Peter Ustinov, a.k.a. The Old Man.

(From Wikipedia: Gene Siskel cited [Logan's Run]'s "terrible performances with the exception of Peter Ustinov, whose cameo is expanded to a ridiculous length because he is the only decent thing in the movie."
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It's convoluted but here goes: You call him P/T which makes me think P.T. Barnum. Having three cats would kind of be like a circus and you've gotten him to run the show more smoothly. Just like a ringmaster. P.T. Barnum could easily be shortened to Barny, Num, Nums, Num Nuts, Barry, Petey, or P.T.B. He's also grey and big which makes me think of elephants.
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Seconding Jackson. He just looks like a Jackson to me.
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Dactyl, which can be shortened to Dac, or Dax.
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Agreed with TooFewShoes...I like PT! =)
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Reginald jumped out to me though I don't have any nifty explanations for it. Other than that I'm really liking the PT Barnum suggestion (and explanation!)
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Walter, I think. Shorten to Walt and you'll be able to sing "Walt and Matilda" to the Waltzing Matilda song. Conrad may feel left out, but if he's a Stupid Jerkface, he'll probably be ok with that.
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We just got a new kitty, and went through a round of naming. Our new friend is now Milo, so I am offering up my first choice: Alistair. Al for short. He's lovely. Enjoy him whatever his name turns out to be.
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Marlowe, perhaps, for the eminent Christopher Marlowe? Or the name I had picked out for a cat years before getting one, which should have suited my cat just fine but for some reason didn't: Aristophanes.
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Response by poster: Such wonderful ideas. I have to exclude, on grounds of family members or other family pets with those names: Alex, Charlie, Sam, Gus, Allan, Peter, Nigel, Eugene, Henry, Jeffrey, Gabriel, Patrick, Nicholas, Paul, Daniel, Peter, and any name that is nicknamed Al or Hal.
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My partner says "Meldrake," for whatever reason; you could shorten it to "Mel."

That's a gorgeous Maine coon cat.
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So it's a pretty standard WASPY move to use the nicknames Trip or Trey for someone whose name is the Third, regardless of their actual name. I'm also a fan of ridiculous names for cats. And he looks fancy. So I'd go with something like The Right Honorable Cattelsford III and call him Trip for short.
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my second bird, who is in a similar love triangle to your cat, I have named Dr. Benway. Ben for short. It might work.
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Oh, he's gorgeous! I'm partial to both medium long-haired cats and gray cats. Here are a couple suggestions that I think fit your criteria, off the top of my head....

Dustin (Dusty)
Jasper (Jazz or Jazzy for short)
Basil (the English pronunciation, not the herb. Baz or Bazzy for short)
Chester (Chessie for short)
Gabriel (Gabe)
Oliver (Ollie)
Calvin (Cal)
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Ooops! Well scratch "Gabriel/Gabe" off my list. I only just now saw your last comment that excluded that name; my apologies!
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Leopold. Leo for short.
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I've been trying to get someone, ANYONE, to name their cat "Hammbone" after Mr. John Hamm. "Hammbone" fits your shortening: Hamm, Hammy, Bone, Boner, H-Bone, Hammer, Hammslice ...
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I'd calling him Whisk (short for 'Whiskers' for obvious reasons....) but I absolutely love love LOVE the Barnum suggestion - both for the P/T source and the three ring circus reference.

Barney it is! Or Barns...
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I think he looks like a Harley. I guess he could be Harlequin if you need a long 'official' version . . .
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Randolph (Randy)
Rudolf (Rudy)
Humphrey (Humpty)
Hubert (Hugh)
Elliott (Ell)
Don Gato (Don)
Quentin (Q)
Percival (Percy)
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Jamie (Jam)
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He looks like my pal Jasper. Jass!
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If he, like your other cats, hated nearly all people, I would suggest Henry, Louis, or H.L., for Mr. Mencken. But you've already ruled out Henry and you don't say whether P/T is as misanthropic as your other kitties.

Douglas Adams was very fond of the bath.
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I'm going to second Marlowe. Marlie for short. And this post sets a new standard for photos.
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He looks like a Maurice to me.
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I'm going to put forth my vote to name the cat McMurdo!

After the famous McMurdo Sound!
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second Jaspar/Jazz - Jaspar is sufficiently dignified and Jazz is fun to say.
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That is a dignified cat. Look at those eyebrows.

Somehow "Wylis" jumped into my head. But there are great suggestions upthread. "Maurice" is killer. Randolph and Quentin would also do well.
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Admiral Cuddlesworth, that's what Meredith recommends.
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Totoro. You could call him To or Ro or Toto.
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He's adorable, and I'm sure he has some Maine Coon in him (hence his love of bathtubs and laundry and taking over your bed. My Maine Coon, Cheddar is just like that).

I have some ideas for names for you, but I have to say that he looks old enough to know his own name, and if he is used to going by Perry or Terry, changing his name now might not be such a good idea. I mean, I get that you are not fond of his name and wouldn't have chosen it yourself, but he's old enough that he probably knows to come when he hears that ERRY sound.

Okay, that being said:

I would personally name him Pterry, because I love Pratchett. I also love Barnum or Barney for the P/T association. But neither works for the single syllable you want.


Joel, because he is Grey (and Joel Grey was born Joel KATZ. Coincidence? I think not).

There's also some old movie named The Grey Man, and the main character is Albert FISH. Cats love Fish! Call him Albert, but go with Bert, since you don't want another Al.

Since he likes the ERRY sound, you could call him Barry, or Bear for short! He looks like a nice, cuddly bear.
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Oscar Wilde (Os)
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Phineas? Could shorten to Fin or Finny?

They're all lovely, lovely cats. Thanks so much for the pics!
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Aw. He looks like a Steven. Call him Teevie for short?
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Such a beautiful dignified cat!

Bentley (fancy car)
Royce (as in the car, again)
Ashley (for his color, Ashley is traditionally a man's name)
Leopold - Leo for short

Mao Tse Tung - Mouse for short
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Lots of good suggestions here.

But I asked my cat Al what your cat's name is.

He said your cat's name is "Robert".

So looks like you'll have to go with that.
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He likes laundry and might be called Perry?

My vote is Persil, aka LeChat in France.
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Perry/Terry sounds laid back and friendly.

Bubba if he's big.

Magnus if he's not.
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Response by poster: I do say he's friendly. He loves people. He likes to sit on, with, or near them. He thinks quiet parties with all sorts of strangers are awesome. He likes both Conrad and Matilda. He's just very easygoing.

Yeah, he's Maine Coon-ish. Half, maybe, because he's not as big and fluffy as a Maine Coon usually is, though he is big and fluffy. He was apparently found outside, then lived in a shelter for three years where he was terrified and miserable. He's turned right around. He doesn't actually know his name, he mostly follows me around all the time anyhow.

Right now I am liking Barnum, as long as I can stop seeing a giant purple dinosaur when I call him Barney, or Joel Greycat, because it ever so nicely follows the Conrad Blackcat theme, plus Joel Grey is a more awesome person than Conrad Black. But there are a lot of very good suggestions here.
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If you are a Pratchett fan, it seems obvious that he should be pterry. I mean, c'mon. The universe is already telling you this.

Otherwise, he looks like a Raoul to me. He's cute enough to eat.
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Best answer: If he's a Maine Coon, you could call him George. George Cooney.
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Oh oh oh I love boneheads idea for pterry. But then I am a dyed in the wool Terry Pratchett fangrrrrl, so that may not count. PT Barnum is also a great name. Could you expand on the Terry thing and call him Terrance. It is a lovely formal sounding name.
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He could be Theodore... ask him about it.
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Right now I am liking Barnum, as long as I can stop seeing a giant purple dinosaur when I call him Barney,

Start watching How I Met Your Mother, and any purple associations with that name will poof! right out of your head.

But also, seconding Pterry.
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Nthing Pterry, for geeky win. You can pronounce the P, like Ptunia.
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Well, P/T made me think "Petey" but I guess you can't do that because of the disqualified names of family member's pets. So that leaves T/P. Here TeePee! Good kitty.
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Response by poster: I have tried out a bunch of names (not a Pratchett fan so Pterry and related were out). Joel just doesn't fit, I couldn't stop singing the stupid Barney is a dinosaur song when I called him that (though it would probably have won otherwise, despite the HIMYM associations), I like my cat too much to name him after a meth dealer, so George it is, because George Cooney made me laugh out loud.
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