Extracting iPhoto from iPad?
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How to extract iPhoto data from iPad?

Hard drive failure in a primary laptop hard drive means that many photos of 'sentimental value' are on an iPad and nowhere else. How can I copy these photos off of an iPad?

iTunes appears to allow only syncing from Computer -> iPad, and not vice versa. Most other solutions revealed by Google don't necessarily appear robust. I welcome your suggestions! (It'd be great to use terminal.app to get into the iPad file system, but I don't see how to do this easily.)
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Looks like Photo Transfer App (App link) will do what you want. I've not used it, but it's got good reviews and might be worth a $2.99 try.
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Mac: iPhoto and ImageCapture both built into OS X
Windows: Camera and Scanner wizard, or it might show up in 'Computer' / 'My Computer'
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To the best of my understanding (and, according to Apple's support docs) limited slip's answer will work *only* if the photos were originally taken with the iPad camera.

So, if your photos were originally taken with the iPad camera, you should be able to connect the iPad to a computer and pull them off with tools built into the OS. But, if the pictures were taken with another camera, synced into iPhoto and then subsequently synced to your iPad, I think you will need a 3rd party iPad app.
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I use PhoneDisk (a free Mac app) to mount my stuff as disks the way you wish. You can indeed then navigate their structure like any other disk, in Terminal or even the Finder, and copy files out. And yes, synced-to photos are there as well as iTaken photos.

PhoneDisk is flaky (crashes often) and I swear at it sometimes, but it works, and works for iPads too, yes. It works well enough (barely) that I also use it to back up whole archives of computer things that my iPhone can't even access, (like an encrypted tarball of my Mac's entire home folder), just so I have an emergency backup in my pocket.

If it fails you in some way, forget about "syncing" and "backing up" and all that, and just Google for "mount iPad as a disk" or "mount iPad filesystem" and you will also find ten other ways to do what you need without rooting, and forty with.
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iExplorer for both PC and Mac. It runs on your computer, you plug in your iPad, and it appears as a USB drive with your photos in a directory. No jailbreaking or anything required.
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