What to do with a (slightly) scratched screen?
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What do you do about very small scratches in a glass cellphone screen other than replacing the screen?

Will an Invisible Shield, or similar surface cover, disguise or minimize existing scratches on my cellphone screen, or make them more distracting?

From days of yore, I remember people filling in PDA screens with a combination of cynoacrylite glue and solvent, then buffing them out. I also found this link. I remember that palm screens are plastic-coated, and it seems like these would be the wrong formulation for a glass screen - Any ideas on what WOULD work?

Bought a used phone on eBay, got a good price, but feel a little weird about dropping $30-$40 on a new screen and then buying a cover for it, if I could handle the problem without dismantling my new phone.

The phone itself is an HTC Merge/Lexikon/ADR6325

The scratches are deep enough that my fingernail catches in them, but just barely. They don't interfere with use of the phone in any way.
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I recently dealt with this, on my Sony NEX-5 camera.

The covers that apply with water (like Invisible Shield) can fill tiny scratches with their adhesive. In my case, it took 3 applications/cleanings to get it so that the tiny scratches didn't just form bubbles.

IMO, not worth it for the end result, because I personally don't like the feel of screen protectors. I'm now just living with the scratches.
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I came across this cell phone accessory that claims to "Hide old scratches" - it looks like it might be similar to the other stuff you're talking about. Let us know what you end up using and how it turns out.
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