I'd like my podcasts dry and witty, with a touch of the absurd..
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Are there awesome British podcasts out there I don't know about?

I've gotten big into podcasts over the past year, and I've noticed a boom in comedy-related podcasts-- more and more comedians seem to be starting one up and interviewing or discussing really fun, interesting subjects. I've very much enjoyed this, but I also am a huge fan of British comedy, and mostly all of the podcasts I've found (with the exception of Ricky Gervais' podcast/show) have been American.

So are there some out there? Whether hosted by a British comedian or simply just interviewing them, I'd love to find something new to listen to!
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Adam and Joe
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Answer me this
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The Bugle
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25 BBC comedy podcasts. You won't like all of them, but you will hopefully like at least one.
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These are Radio shows with the adverts/music removed then extras added
Dave Gorman Show
Frank Skinner Show
I also like The Danny Baker Show which is probably in the BBC lists above.

Collings and Herrin; Sadly now finished by the looks of it. Although Richard Herring still has his daily blog which he also reads on Soundcloud ( link ). He is also playing himself at snooker in an ongoing series of podcasts. There are also the podcasts he did every day at the Edinburgh Festval last year
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Seconding The Bugle. Super funny, and also features John Oliver from The Daily Show with Andy Zaltsman back in London. A satirical take on the news each week. It's gold.
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One thing Britain has a lot of that America doesn't is radio comedy. Many of these can be obtained legally via iTunes or Amazon for a reasonable fee.
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I rather like Carpool. Robert Llewellyn (who played Kryton in Red Dwarf) interviews people while driving them where they need to go. It's a vodcast, but audio-only versions are available. A good proportion of his interviewees are British comedians and writers. (The Toyota sponsorship is a recent edition - it started as his own, self-funded side project).
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I've recently discovered Do The Right Thing, Robin and Josie's Utter Shambles and Lost Treasures of The Black Heart.

Also lots of Radio 4/4extra comedy is available as podcasts.

Also, a bunch of recordings of Stewart Lee's resonance FM things are available somewhere.

And it's not technically comedy but Jon Ronson keeps an archive of his "Jon Ronson On..." shows on his website.
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Friday Night Comedy podcast, which mostly alternates between the News Quiz (a panel show, which is awesome) and the Now Show (a sketch comedy show, which I can personally take or leave.)
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The Kermode and Mayo podcast is ostensibly about film, but is often very funny. In a similar vein, Danny Baker's 'football' show that rarely mentions the sport at all.
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The Infinite Monkey Cage. It's ... like science stand-up. Really intelligent and really funny. Sort of infrequent, though, which is disappointing.
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