Where can I get Valrhona Celaya Hot chocolate?
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Anyone know where I can buy Valrhona Celaya Hot chocolate?

I have been searching online for this particular brand of hot chocolate mix but can't seem to find any store in the United States that sells it. I have found a few stores online in the UK but shipping here is about $50.

Anyone know an online store that ships to the States for a reasonable rate or better yet, a store in Seattle that carries Valrhona hot chocolate mixes? Celaya is ideal but not a must.

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A post on Chowhound from 2009 says it was sold at Whole Foods in the Bay Area back then, so it may be worth a look at your local Whole Foods. My local Whole Foods (in New England) carries a bunch of Valrhona products, but I'm not sure about the hot chocolate.
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Online: $13.95/box at Chocosphere.
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So I checked my local whole foods and they don't seem to have it. I guess chocosphere is my best option. Thanks a lot!
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