Keep my iPod display from lighting when I'm not using it.
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How can I keep my iPod display from lighting up with notifications?

I have an iPod touch 4th generation running iOS 5. It is jailbroken. When notifications happen, the screen lights up. I like notifications, so I don't want to turn them off, but it's just a waste when the screen comes on if I'm not using the iPod, since it is typically in my pocket. Even worse, it lights up at night on the dock while I'm sleeping (I have an alarm clock with a dock). This keeps me awake.

Is there anyway to keep the display from turning on when I'm not interacting with it? Or perhaps between certain times? Paid apps and Cydia apps are acceptable suggestions, since my iPod is jailbroken. Please don't suggest "cover the iPod" or "put the iPod face down" or "charge the iPod in another room."
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Ideas from Cydia to experiment with:

Try using LockInfo + Popup Blocker to show notifications as items on your lockscreen and statusbar instead of popups, assuming that popups are the thing that cause the screen to light up. (Both of these are paid packages but have free trials.)

Or try Dimmer ($1, which reduces the minimum brightness of your screen by a lot) and f.lux (free, which turns your screen a less-eye-straining warmer tone at night) and use them to turn the device's brightness way down at night.

[I work for Cydia, but I'm just answering this for fun.]
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Hmmm. Springtomize might help you out. Try playing with the animations. I also use an SBsettings toggle called 'silent vibrate' which I turn on at night. This stops notifications from interrupting my sleepy dream-times.
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dreamyshade, it looks like Popup Blocker should do what I want - there's a setting called "Wake on Alert" that I turned off. However, the screen still wakes when I get an email (I sent myself an email to test it).

0bvious, I downloaded both Springtomize and SBsettings but didn't see anything that would help (besides turning notifications off, which I don't want to do - I like having them on the screen when I wake the iPod). Where do I find this "silent vibrate" setting in SBsettings?
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Oh, never mind, Popup Blocker apparently doesn't work with iOS 5. There was no warning on Cydia before I downloaded and purchased it. Now I have to figure out how to get my 99c back...
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You have search for and install 'silent vibrate sbsettings' in Cydia. There is also an SBsettings toggle for Mail Push, which you could use to turn off Mail notifications at night.

Lockinfo has its own built in popup blocker, I seem to remember. Try that perhaps.

I IOS 4 you used to be able to toggle all push notifications on/off via SBsettings. Sadly, no one has figured out how to replicate that feature in IOS 5

So many holes... Are you listening Apple?
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Yeah, this seems like a very simple request for Apple, right? I just don't want my iPod to wake when I'm not interacting with it.
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Aw I'm sorry, I didn't know that Popup Blocker wasn't compatible! That developer uses his own payment system instead of the Cydia Store system, so his packages don't have Cydia's "can't purchase on incompatible versions" feature. Maybe email him and see if there's an update coming soon?
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