Did freeze damage new, uninstalled water softener?
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Is it bad that my uninstalled (new) water softener was exposed to freezing temperatures?

I've got a Morton Water Softener, unopened, in the box, brand new, sitting in my dried-in and insulated utility room at my unfinished, unheated house (new construction). This is in North-Central Kansas. It has been below freezing quite often in the six weeks the unit has been sitting there (although it has been a mild winter).

My plumber said that he once heard that maybe the freezing temperatures can ruin the resin... My quest for information has been fruitless. I have found stories aplenty of problems with *installed* units as water expands when it freezes, but my unit is (obviously) dry.

So, please, help me, tell me, have I damaged the unit (or maybe just the resin) by my cruel treatment?
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Best answer: Looks like the unit has a ten year warranty, so you should be okay. I'd imagine that it's pretty normal for units to sit in unheated houses/warehouses/semi trucks before installation, but if you really want to put your mind at ease why not give their customer service number a call on Monday and ask them?
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Response by poster: Thank you, earl. In hindsight, your advice and education seems obvious. Thanks again.
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