The recipe for a liquid sunset
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The Darjeeling Sunset: please help us figure out this drink

My dad fondly remembers this drink, served in indian restarants as a digestif, e.g., the Agra, in central London in the '60s. It was served hot, filling a large brandy snifter with a glowing orange globe of liquid sunset. All we know is that it contained tea, was strongly alcoholic, and slightly cloudy.

Google doesn't know. Can you help us identify this drink?
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I have never heard of a Darjeeling Sunset, so I'm working entirely off of guesswork here.

Between the color, the cloudiness, and the name, I'm going to go with an analogy to a Tequila Sunrise and suggest brandy, tea, orange juice, and grenadine. Give that a try, maybe?
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I'd suggest looking for a tea-based toddy (link to google search for those terms). There are a bunch of recipes and I think it would probably be a great deal of fun to try them all out.
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Or maybe this one, from a collection of warm drinks

Sunset Tea

This fragrant cocktail is best made from a strong tea.

Pour into a pan:

2 dl. black tea
1 cl. Rum (Amber)
4 cl. Cointreau
8 cl. Orange Juice

Warm until boil and serve with a slice of orange and cloves.
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