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Long shot: Is there anywhere in Chicago or its transit-accessible suburbs where I can buy, in person, a decent-quality Russian ushanka (ear-flap hat)?

I'm looking for something made in Russia or another former Soviet state, and military-surplus would be ideal.

I'm familiar with Hats Plus but they don't seem to have much of this type of hat.
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I bought one at Belmont Army years and years ago (Belmont, southside of the street, almost to Clark if you're coming from the L). Number is (773) 549-1038.
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You may also want to check along Devon Ave., west of Western, where there are a lot of Russian shops.
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I got one in the men's department of Ragstock on Belmont a couple of years back. At the time, they had a substantial section of Russian military surplus. I'm pretty sure the (extremely cool) clerks won't know the hat you're looking for by name, but they may be able to tell you if they have Russian military surplus in stock; (773) 868-9263 and ask for the men's department.
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Ragstock is a good suggestion. There is also an Army Navy surplus on Lincoln south of Belmont that might be a good place to check.

You also should try seeing if there are any shops in the Ukranian Village.
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If buying one in person fails, I bought mine on ebay directly from a guy in Russia. When it came, it arrived covered in Russian print and contained several free items of communist propaganda. yay! also, you can order your specific hat size.
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My friend got an awesome ushanka hat a few years ago at the Army Navy surplus store bibiligrrl mentioned above. A caveat: I wanted one really bad, but they didn't have any that fit my overlarge head. Smallheads only.
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Thirding the Army Navy on Lincoln. I'd dis-recommend Belmont Army these days - they closed down a few years back and reopened as a much trendier and less useful place.
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