Where to meet at Cancun Airport
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Meeting my daughter at airport in Cancun. She arrives via US Airways at 3:00 PM. I arrive about 4:30 via United. Where is a comfortable place for her to wait for me? Neither of our phones will be working. Is "The Meeting Place" still there? I have found only old references to it. Please suggest an alternative if it is not still there, or if you have a better idea. Thanks
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Don't know how old this is, but you can always try calling the airport to confirm it's still there.
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How old's your daughter? Pretty sure there's a cheesy Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. She should be findable and comfortable there.
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An hour and a half isn't too long of a wait. She will probably have her bag at that poin and can meet you at the baggage claim for your flight.
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There's a Starbucks and a Johnny Rockets, right together, just feet away from a waiting area for a gate (I forget the gate number but you can't miss it). If she doesn't want to wait at a sit-down restaurant, you could agree to meet in the waiting area right next to the Starbucks and Johnny Rockets.

I was just there a few weeks ago, in mid-December.
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I was there a few months back and the Margaritaville, Starbucks and Johnny Rockets are in the terminal, so she wouldn't be able to get there after going through customs, I think. But according to the airport map, there's another Starbucks near the lower level check-in area that's available to the general public. That might be your best bet.
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Oh, yeah, good point.
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Response by poster: I understand that that after one leaves customs, she is outside the terminal and no services are available. Should she wait in the gate area and not go through customs until I arrive? Is this even possible? From descriptions I have read about arrivals, there are no cafes/bars anywhere but in the departures area. None of this would be an issue, except that we will have no phone contact. The maps are almost useless. Have you been recently? Any suggestions?
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You don't really arrive in the terminal so it's not possible to wait there. After landing, you are directed to the baggage claim, and then through customs/immigration and then you are essentially outside. It's not a huge airport, though, so unless that Starbucks on the lower level isn't there anymore for some reason, it's pretty easy to find. You just walk in the front entrance as if you're checking in for a flight to depart and it should be within eyesight, no matter where you are. That's probably your best bet.

Worst case scenario, even if the Starbucks isn't open for some reason, the area around there isn't that big. You could probably wander around for less than five minutes and find anyone you're looking for, even if she was standing outside.
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