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Where in SF do I buy (1) a euro-to-US wall plug adapter (US pins, euro holes) (2) a USB cable with a "Korean 20-pin" connector on one end (like the pics in this thread) ??

My apologies if this is technically two questions -- the cable is the most important one.

Just arrived in SF from NL and found that I forgot my MP3-player cable, and my wall-plug adapter (Euro plug into US socket) is flaky.
The MP3-player is a Cowon, a Korean brand that uses some Korean-standard cable. It is not routinely available in electronics stores, so looking for specific recommendations of shops that may carry this brand.

I am in SOMA on 7th and will not have a car.
Recommendations for umbrellas also appreciated :-(
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There's a Radio Shack at 938 Market Street. Between 5th and 6th.

Welcome to San Francisco, and sorry about the rain. It hasn't rained for weeks. Really.

There are multiple shops selling cheap umbrellas in that stretch of Market.
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They're likely best for the adapter if not the cable. Here's their number if you want to call first:

Phone: (415) 989-1219
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walgreens will have crappy umbrellas for cheap Marshalls (5th and Market) or Ross 4th and Market might have some that are sturdier and worth keeping. Central Computer, 415-495-5888 4th and Howard, might have the cable or at least know what you're talking about. good luck.
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Walgreens - like the one at 730 Market between Kearny/ 3rd and 4th on Market might have the plug, if not there is a travel store in the big Westfield Shopping center at 5th and Market.
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Central Computer may be able to help with the USB cable (basically near 4th and Howard)

address 837 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103
phone (415) 495-5888 fax (415) 896-5888

Be aware the area around 7th and Mission , plus or minus a couple blocks can be a little dangerous.
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That 20 pin cable is a challenge. First thing I'd try is and to mail order, if you can wait. If you can't wait, you've already got most of the local suggestions up above. I'd try Central Computer first. If that doesn't work, some less likely options include Discount Camera on Kearny, one of the shops in Japantown, or maybe some random electronics shop in Chinatown.
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Flight 001 in Hayes Valley seems to have a selection of adapters and chargers specifically for travelers. If you call them and they have what you need, you're a short MUNI ride away. Their number is 1.877.354.4481.

There's also a travel store in the Westfield Shopping Center which is closer to you, at 5th and Market. Looking at the Westfield center website, I don't see the store I'm looking for, but there's something called Travel+ on the 3rd floor that "offers a wide variety of luggage and travel accessories". Their number is 415.371.1107.
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Speedy's Hardware is right there on Seventh and Market and will likely have your plug adapter. Call and ask them.

Don't invest in an expensive umbrella -- this town eats umbrellas. Think of them as disposable.
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Er -- sorry: Speedy's is on Folsom near Seventh. (415) 699-5481.
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Welcome to the US where we have 120 volt current from wall plugs. I hope your MP3 player will work on 120 volts.
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A bit off topic, but there's a mefite meetup tonight if you want to ask us this in person.
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Response by poster: All, thanks. Got the adapter at radioshack. No luck yet w/ the USB cable; response at Central Computers was not too encouraging...
And thanks for the invite for the meetup! That would have been fun, missed it because of spotty internet access and now it's too late for my jetlagged state to attend socials with strangers.
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