Doc recommendations in San Diego
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Hello So Cal! I need doctor recommendations in the San Diego area.

I live in San Diego and I need to find: an OBGYN, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a cardiologist, an endocrinologist, and a general practitioner. Oh, and a dentist.

If you know one of the above (that you love or that you hate) in the SD area, let me know! I want to know who to look for and who to stay away from.
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What health insurance do you have? Do you have access to the Scripps consortium? If so, please MeMail me for recs for an OBGYN, GP, and a dentist. :)
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Response by poster: I got United Healthcare. MeMail on the way! Thanks.
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San Diego city or San Diego county? And what communities would you be willing to go to in whichever of the two you live in? It's kind of a big area, after all.

I had United Healthcare in San Diego and can provide recommendations for GP and dentist for the northern end of the county.
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I will MeMail you with a psychiatrist rec. He has offices in both San Diego and Carlsbad.
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Response by poster: Anywhere between/around SD proper and say, Poway, Rancho Bernardo. But really, if it's a great doctor, I am willing to drive more.
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MeMail on the way!
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If you have access to the Rees-Steely Medical Group through United Health Care, they are an excellent medical group there.
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