Memphis, Where the Old Time Jam at?
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Yes, I'm burning my question on this: Hi Memphis, TN, is there any old-time music jams happening Friday through Tuesday nights? Preferably Sunday/Monday nights?

I'm in Memphis three-ish days a week for another month (am currently writing this post from Memphis, I'm here for the weekend through Tuesday), and have my banjo with me.

I'm just wondering if any Memphis mefites know of any old-time jams that happen regularly in the area? My frailing is starting to deteriorate with how little I'm playing, it'd be nice to do something not school related for a couple hours. I know a lot of times jams don't have an internet presence, which is why I'm asking.
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The Lucy Opry of 10 or so years ago is probably exactly what you want but, unfortunately, it seems to have gone out of "business" a couple of years ago. This article about its demise gives names of people who were involved and might be good contacts.
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Another idea would be to contact some of the local stringed instrument stores. For example
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The Banjo Hangout would be a good place to post this question.
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I've asked friends who play bluegrass and I'm waiting to hear from them. First response says there's one at Hope Presbyterian Church on Saturdays from noon to 3. 8500 Walnut Grove. You might want to call first, as my first responder says he hasn't been in a while.
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Possibly Yarbrough's Music.
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Yes on Yarbrough's on Tuesday night.
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Memphis Area Bluegrass Association. They do the Hope Pres Saturday afternoons, according to this link. Also, Hernando, MS, basically a suburb of Memphis, has one but it's Thursday night. Here's the link.
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