How best to run for my life.
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I am participating in Run for Your Lives (previously) in Atlanta in March. Can anyone who has participated in one of these events tell me what to expect?

I have liked them on facebook and followed them on twitter, but they are kind of stingy with the details. I have been wondering about running zombies versus walking zombies, types of obstacles, common locations of health packs, strategy tips, those kind of things. Any details from someone who has done one of these before would be appreciated.
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Best answer: I'm doing the one in Austin in December! I can't wait!

There's a YouTube video made by one of the participants from the Baltimore run and it shows every mile and obstacle on the course:

I'm assuming they'll change it up a bit from location to location depending on the various topography of the venues.

Better start training now or you'll end up as zombie poop. :p
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Best answer: Definitely show up HOURS earlier than your wave, bc I too missed my earlier wave and had to run later. I hope they fix some of the planning logistical nightmares for the Atlanta race.

I didn't see any health packs by the time I went through (around 4). However, when the exhausted zombie participants left their stations, there were PILES of flags on the ground, so a lot of people cheated and picked up the flags. It definitely ruins the fun of the race, and finishing with two flags of my own, I felt somewhat cheated that my friends who had lost all of theirs were still "alive" in the end.

Also, definitely be careful running. There were twisted ankles, a broken leg, a broken collarbone. Your inclination will be to sprint past zombies (which was my tactic) but I also jumped a few times out of the way. It could have ended badly for me, thank goodness it didn't, but please be careful.

Sperose got everything else right. Have fun! It was a blast!
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I did the Boston one last Saturday. My number one tip would be to get as early a wave as you can get, because the mud gets worse as the waves go on. By the time we went through at 1 PM, the second half of the course was a super slippery path of mud, and the safest option was to always go through the deepest puddles. Can't do much about changing waves after you pay though, I guess. One guy with spiked shoes said he did ok, but I would be worried about turning an ankle.

* No health packs or even the concept of them mentioned.
* Water stations at the 1- and 2-mile points.
* Running and walking and standing zombies, although the running ones tended to be more tactical than I think zombies should be. Like they would stand still, then run after people as they passed.
* There are sections with zombies, and sections without. The Youtube vids don't tend to show the parts without, which are a slog and where you really need to run if you want a decent time. Very tempting to just walk though.
* Tuck your timing chip into your shoe, mine got ripped off on the final obstacle even with two zip ties, so I didn't get a time.
* If you "accidentally" park at the camping parking, when you go back to your car, you can skip the main bus line.
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