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Does anyone remember a blog post (possibly on a personal finance blog) about what people of a certain age wish they had known at a previous age?

The post was like a survey. The blogger asked twenty year olds what they worried about or wished they had money for. Then he asked thirty year olds the same thing, but asked also what they wish they had prioritized as twenty year olds.

Results said things like this: twenty year olds wish they had money for travel. Thirty year olds wished they had saved to travel when they were younger, and wished they had money for a house down payment now.

I would be grateful if anyone could link me to this posting!

Thank you!
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It looks like this was posted on I Will Teach You To Be Rich - scroll down to "What people wish they’d saved for in their 20s, 30s, and 40s." Here's a direct link to the survey data.
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