Anyone remember short interstital cartoons from the early 80's?
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I remember watching a short cartoon (which was probably an interstitial cartoon between shows). I want to say it appeared on the Showtime network. It had a red 'squiggle'.. basically an upside down 'V' as legs as the protagonist. I believe part of it was in a castle. It's been ~30 years since I've seen this (and I was a little tyke at the time) but I remember enjoying it greatly. I don't remember the plot, but I get the general impression that it was not of US origin... And if I had to guess, I'd say European/French was probably it's provenance. (Although I can't say for certain whether that's just me misremembering bits of it)
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It sounds like the Merrie Melodies short Hair-Raising Hare, or perhaps the later version, Water, Water Every Hare (I could not find a good version on the youtube). The monster's name is "Gossamer."
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Also makes me think of the walking M in the old stop-motion MTV station IDs that Voltaire made. On mobile, right now, so YT those babies.
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He's green instead of red and of US origin, but the upside down V reminded me of Gumby.
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