Should I go see KRS-One?
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KRS-One is touring. I've never heard his stuff, but I'm aware of his reputation. In 2012, is he still worth checking out live? Or is he a hollow shell of his former self, and I should stick to his studio releases from yesteryear?
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I don't know much about KRS-One beyond what was popular years ago and haven't followed his career, but there are VERY FEW events which I'm curious about attending which, if I go with an attitude of interest and not cynical judgement, I don't find worth my time and money.

I'd say, if you want to go, then go. What do you have to lose other than a tiny amount of money and a few hours?
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KRS is a living legend and it is absolutely worth seeing him perform live. He is a true professional - the tenor of his voice, his enunciation and projection are still better than 98% of the MCs you will ever hear. He can move a crowd.

He tends to play smaller venues these days, so you will probably get a more intimate show. He continued to produce music since his glory days - expect a mix of classics and new tunes. (I saw him last in 2007.)
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I saw him perform a few years ago ant it was dope. He did an amazing job, I still love his songs, and the show was super fun.
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You won't regret going! I saw him a couple of years ago and it was amazing! I'm talking improvised freestyle battles and break dancing competitions on stage awesome! He even freestyled about how dedicated the crowd was to have made it out to the show, (it was -20).

It was one of the best shows I've ever been to.
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can't speak for krs-1 in partcular, but generally speaking there's often a very good reason why people are considered "living legends", still performing long after the peak of their recording career, etc. frank sinatra, at 80, put on what was in fact the best live show i've seen, ever. my friend said the same thing about seeing james brown when he was like 56, etc. i have a feeling krs-1 is probably in this sort of rarified, upper echelon company as far as rappers go. if you have even a passing interest, i'd suggest you listen to gnutron, nerdcore, hippybear and hector and go!
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I saw him maybe eight years ago and it was an absolutely amazing show. Go. I promise he'll make you feel like a chump for even asking.
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His new stuff is rough. He's still got skills, but he sounds rusty in places. But go for the education alone. You could possibly meet him and ask a question or two. They don't call him the teacha for nothing. Where is the show? Shit. I'll go.
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Go hear his stuff first, too. I don't know what Criminal Minded sounds like to fresh ears in 2012, but in 1988 it was literally transformative; with Nation of Millions and Three Feet High, it was one of the cornerstones of hip-hop (no offense to LL, Run DMC, or anyone else).
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Are there any recent shows available online?
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"What do you have to lose other than a tiny amount of money and a few hours?"

Thanks to everyone for the enthusiastic responses. You had me convinced, and I went to buy a couple of tickets - but stalled when they turned out to be $90 each. Living legend or not, I can't stomach that.
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