Freight Transport and Logistics Lectures
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Recommendations for interesting/inspiring lectures on the topic of freight transport, and logistics?

I'm new to the industry, and looking at improving my knowledge and public speaking skills by seeing how the pros do it.

I am interested in understanding why freight matters, challenges for the industry, how to address regulatory burdens, funding issues, national investment, best practice etc.

Thanks in advance!
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You know, I actually can't help. But I do know a Mefite who would probably like to know what you discover...
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I love allkindsoftime's answers in this thread. I'm not even interested in freight, really, but I found his answers fascinating.
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Related, on the green: "How does international shipping work?"
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I just ran across an interesting-looking lecture from Marc Levinson called "The Traveling Box: Container as Global Icon of Our Era". He also wrote a book on the subject ("The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger"). I haven't seen or read either (though I would like to), but thought these might be useful in your research.
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My dad & brother do this stuff for a living, and they often have very interesting stories to tell. If you like infrastructure, it's a very deep topic. (Have you chased down the topic of infrastructure, by the way? It might lead you to good stuff.)
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