How do I find a landline on short notice?
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Where might I go to gain the use of a landline for an hour or so during normal business hours?

I recently received a request for a phone interview from a potential employer, who specified that it must be carried out over a landline. I feel this is a reasonable request given the degraded voice quality and dropped calls that come with cell phones, and I'd really like to get a job with this company besides. The problem is that I don't have a residential landline -- all of my personal phone traffic is through my cell phone. I can't use the phone at my current workplace for obvious reasons, but I'm having trouble coming up with a solution that would allow me to comfortably use a landline for an hour or so sometime within the next two weeks. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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Any friends with a landline phone that would let you use their house while they're at work?
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The "business center" at any local mid-budget hotel should have landlines that are free for local calls. Dress business casual and you'll blend right in.
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Sometimes Kinko's and other places like that have rentable meeting rooms for conference calls.
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The central library in my city has small meeting rooms you can rent for free. Maybe yours does too?
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The local unemployment office here has several small conference rooms with land lines for just this purpose.
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Surely you have friends or family nearby with a landline?
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Consider getting a Skype online number. If you have a headset the voice quality is excellent and I don't think it's distinguishable from a landline. You could just go to the nearest coffee shop and pick a quiet spot.
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Often times colleges or universities will have phones just hanging out on the wall in public places; if you investigate them you may find the extension needed to dial outside of campus. No guarantee on quality (or that you won't be booted for some reason).
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Warning on the Skype option:

test, test and re-test the call quality before dialing in the interview. Skype call quality depends on internet load and bandwidth at a particular time.

If the interview is really important, you want privacy as well (being distracted by passerbys, background noise). A hotel business lounge is good, but booking the cheapest 2* room on Priceline or Hotwire may give you the most privacy and flexibility (in case your interview time changes to another part of the day).
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