Help me connect my speakers!
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I just bought two Yamaha MSP3 cables were provided! Help me connect them.

I bought these -

It came with no cables. I got two of them. I'm an idiot when it comes to stuff like this. What cables do I need to get to connect them together and then be able to connect my computer, phone, ipod etc?
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It looks like it takes RCA Connectors.

Something like this

If in doubt take one down to a local Radio Shack. They'll have what you need and you can try it right there.
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Based on what I read in the link you provided, you'll need a patch cable that will connect the powered speaker and your computer.
Assuming yours are like the one in these photos, Line 1 is a RCA connection and Line 2 is XLR.
I think the simplest solution is to use a 1/8" miniplug to stereo (left & right) RCA cable.
You should be able to find one at music stores or from places like Radio Shack.
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Here's a cheap cable you could connect in your ipod's headphone output or in your computer's line output, at Monoprice. It's 1/8" to two RCA connector. You'd connect it to the "Line 1" connector on your speakers.

The "Line 2" input, with a 1/4" and an XLR connector in parallel, is "balanced", which would only concern you if you wanted to connect your speakers to professional or semi-professional equipment, such as mixers and the like.
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